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FOX News
Sep 10, 2010 2:00am EDT
can assist us in that process by reporting in to the recreation center or telephoning at 666-7180 to self-report that they are safe that. would be a tremendous help to the effort at this time. >> diewb how many people live -- >> veterans memorial recreation center in city park. >> how many folks live in the affected area? how many residents? >> i don't know that we can estimate that. we will try to put that information together for you. we don't have that right now. >> how many homes in the area? >> again, we don't have that information right now. we -- we can assemble that for you. >> how big is the area? >> the next briefing will be 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> here? >> right here. >> right here? >> here at this location. is that okay? >> thank you very much. there you have it. that's the update. >> you were listening to the san bruno, california, fire chief talking about that massive fire that is raging in a san francisco suburb. he just said that they have been able to determine that it was a high-pressure gas line and they were not able to get close enough to try to determi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1